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Smart Pass

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An easy to use passcode manager - with a twist!

Designed to help improve password hygiene but with the minimum administrative overhead.

Intended to help those people who have 'traditionally' used the same password for multiple sites to adopt a more disciplined approach to on-line security.


Are you someone who reuses the same password across multiple sites? I was, until one of these was hacked and 'strange' things started happening on other sites.

I initially turned to one of the many excellent comprehensive password management applications on the App Store but unfortunately, I wasn't disciplined enough to maintain the data. So, I created SmartPass.

The App doesn't hold any passwords, but uses 2 bits of fixed data (a PIN and 'memorable' word) plus one variable (the domain or application name) to generate a 'sudo-random' passcode. When you need it again, it us simply regenerated.

Key Features


Set Up

Set the ‘Key Data’ - a 4 digit PIN and a 8 (or more) character memorable word or catch phrase. These, along with the domain name, are used to calculate the passcode. Also (optionally) set a default username.

Add Passcodes

Set requirements for passcode length and the use of optional characters. Then enter the domain name and (optionally) a username, then touch ‘Generate Passcode’. These settings are saved under the Passcodes tab.


Touch a domain name to reveal the passcode. Use a long press to change the username. Swipe left to delete a record.


Remember to periodically to backup the passcode data. This does require an iCloud account.