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A comprehensive restaurant bill splitter and checker.

Even if people don’t openly complain, there is often an underlying resentment amongst diners if they are asked to pay more than their share of a restaurant bill. It’s not ‘penny pinching’, it’s just being fair to everyone.


Before You Dine - Set the Table:

Enter the names of the people sharing the bill and the types of food & drink items they will order from the menu (e.g. appetizer, main, sides, desert, soda, beer ....)

While You Dine - Add the Spend:

Set some food & drink items as 'unit price' so the quantity can be simply incremented, and others as being shared, either across the whole table or just selected diners.

After You Dine - Check & Divide the Bill:

Check the itemised bill against the detailed breakdown in the App.

Enter the tax rate and percentage tip to see what each person owes. There is also an option to add a 'fixed amount' if you want to round the bill or apply a money off coupon.

Key Features


There are four tabs:

Summary: View the total bill and the share to be paid by each diner.

Table: By touching the headers, add the names of the Diners and the type of Food & Drink (e.g. appetizer, main, dessert, sides, wine, beer....). Then touch any row to add the spend.

Bill: View a detailed breakdown of what has been ordered for the table

More: Change the currency settings or reset the data for a new meal.

Under the Food & Drink screen, Fixed Price allows you to set a unit price where every touch on the diner's name will add one (swipe left to subtract). Shared Item, allows the cost to be shared evenly across the diners. Touch the diner's name to include or exclude from the share. For either, touch the row showing the unit price if this needs to be updated.

A couple of things to note:

Finally, give your iPhone a shake at any time of a brief help message.