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Pest Control UK

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The Pest Control UK app has been created to support on-line business at

The key facts, guides and product recomendations within the app have been produced by a pest control professional and mirror those found on the web site.


Do you have a pest issue? Maybe it's mice or rats in the attic. Maybe you brought back bed bugs from that trip abroad. Whatever the infestation you can use our handy app plus carefully researched products (purchased on-line) to treat it yourself.

The app is based around common pests found around UK homes (more are in the pipeline) and the guides and product recommendations are from a pest control professional with many years experience eradicating these unwanted visitors from both commercial and residential properties.

Treating bed bugs can be time consuming and, depending where you live, rats and mice can keep coming back. So, you will save yourself £££ if you deal with them yourself - and with help from you certainly can. They not only offer great products that really work, they also provide email and phone support to make sure you have the best possible chance of success.

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